AI without GPUs: Run AI/ML Workloads on Intel AMX CPUs

This is a talk that Chris Gully and I gave at VMware Explore 2023 in Barcelona. It covers how to use the AMX instructions present in Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs to accelerate AI/ML workloads without using any GPUs at all.

Unlock AI everywhere with VMware Private AI and Intel

This is a panel discussion that I took part in at VMware Explore 2023 in Barcelona, discussing CPU+AMX and GPU acceleration of AI/ML workloads.

Machine Learning Hybrid Cloud

Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs accelerate on-premises Machine Learning

This is a talk I gave at VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas. In the first half I cover how to use Sapphire Rapids CPUs to run AI/ML workloads without using GPUs at all.

Policy-based Cloud Storage

This is a talk I gave in September 2015 at the SF Microservices Meetup. In it I cover Apcera‘s approach to storage for containers and how to use policy to manage very large scale application deployments.

Validating Distributed Application Workloads

This is the talk I gave at RICON 2014, October 28, 2014, on Validating Distributed Application Workloads. It’s about how we set up test environments at Seagate for validating storage system performance at the petabyte scale. This talk centers around the testing done to validate performance of a 2PB rack running Riak CS.